Sneakers & Tiaras 5k Registration

Sunday May 30th 2021

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In consideration of acceptance of the entry and registration as a participant in The Sneakers & Tiaras 5K, I waive any and all claims which I and my heirs or assigns may now or hereafter have against Sneakers & Tiaras 5K, its committee, the Holiday Inn Grand Cayman, and all officials, volunteers and sponsors of The Sneakers & Tiaras 5K, which may indirectly or directly result from my participation in The Sneakers & Tiaras 5K. I further warrant and represent that I am in proper physical condition to participate and I am not participating in this event against physician’s advice nor am I taking medications which would impair my health or ability to participate in The Sneakers & Tiaras 5K. Further, I grant permission to all of the foregoing to use any and all photographs, and video of this event for future marketing purposes.
CaymanActive's involvement is limited to providing this online registration facility at the request of the event organiser.